Adebayor scored two goals in front of the referee jump out of foul smells African dance

Threatened Savior, not necessarily the star. Used to seeing superstars movers and shakers, and occasionally a change in taste is not bad: European soccer field yesterday morning, staged a large-scale “wins wins Jones”, who normally less visible role seems a little class to seize power grab posture, bustling.

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Sporting activities report on March twenty-first:

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exposure Liverpool welcome back Fernando Torres for God to hit 22 million Soviet purchase Brazilian winger

about to leave Liverpool striker Luis Suarez is not news, mainly when leaving the team, coach Rogers would not buy a striker to make him leave the room, which is not only of concern to Fleet Street, is also a Liverpool fan concern. Beijing time on July 29, the British media “insight into the offside” exclusive news, if Suarez leave, then Liverpool will acquire a new striker to succeed, it is learned that the striker was once the darling of Anfield, he has the opportunity to put on the red shirt again The latest scandal to succeed Suarez player is Chelsea striker Fernando Torres! In accordance with the idea of ??Liverpool, sold Suarez can earn back

> Exposure by 63 million Liverpool want to move to three parallel buzzer poaching Chelsea British “Daily Mirror” screenshot

Although summer transfer window is about to close, but Liverpool coach Rogers planned acquisition has not yet fully implemented, after the 2-2 draw with Manchester City, Northern Ireland pro-Cheng at the last minute to sign several players in, “We In the summer, take a lot of players, but only a few positions have been supplemented, if you want to become stronger, then maybe it should re-introduce some of the people. “British media pointed out that Liverpool’s transfer reason so procrastination is Because Rogers transfer budget has been exhausted, wanted to buy the player must take the existing players will be able to raise cash transfer fee. British media, “Mirror” broke the news, because Liverpool would definitely stay Agger, Adam Rogers likely cash, Carroll and Downing and other three players.

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> Liverpool up front purchase 9s 62 goals marksman signed for Barca Pearl confirmed

sits Anfield game against the young, although Liverpool made two goals, but still exposed the weak front ills, if you want to improve the record of the Red Army, they must sign a strong ability to grasp the opportunity in the winter window striker, after the game, Henderson, Suso and Joe Cole wasted several opportunities to single-handedly, it is so final 2-2 draw with Liverpool youth, not only missed the cut ahead of the group, also own a corner , to the nearest road to be in the final round to win the war Udinese. Liverpool find on the front of the plan, the British media, “Daily Mail” has a new dynamic, Rogers is still considered to be Sturridge’s goal winter signings and is confident

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